Friday, January 12, 2024

Friday, January 12, 2024

Sonic Youth, Evol
  • Tony Oxley, 4 Compositions for Sextet
  • Die Enttäuschung, Die komplette Enttäuschung
  • Jandek, Vision of Jewels
  • Lask, Lask
  • Half Japanese, Our Solar System
  • Sonic Youth, Evol
  • Minutemen, Double Nickels on the Dime
  • Lewsberg, Lewsberg
  • Orchid, Gatefold
  • Metallica, Garage Inc. (disc 2)


  1. 'Vision of Jewels' is the best Jandek record I've heard since 'The Ray' and 'Where Do You Go From Here'; like those two, I've listened to the entire thing not just once but repeatedly and with great pleasure. The rhythm section recreates and expands on the Zappi / J-H Péron groove (from the Tony Conrad / Faust LP) –– the playing 'on top' is creative and often thrilling. <<< Thank you for the Jandek page which was and is still an invaluable entry point; I had friends ordering from Corwood in the mid-80s but didn't delve into his work until 2004 or so ... sort of threw up my hands with the 0811 'Song of Morgan' box and have never been tempted to see him live. The half-hour film 'Kooken' with Sterling and Sheila Smith is treasurable IMHO ... in 2023/24 I've been revisiting the early records, in LP format when possible, up to 0766 'The Beginning'. It all sounds great to me these days, taken as a whole. Thanks again also for the Index of Metals daily notes, I check them weekly and add a few records to my own listening queue. Take care, David Bowman

  2. I agree that Vision of Jewels is an exceptionally good Jandek record. I still don’t know who the musicians on it are. Feels like it might have been recorded live-in-studio, maybe a radio session?

  3. Oh and if you want to hear a band channeling Tony Conrad / Faust check out Meltdown of Planet Earth, by France: